InkBirds is a collection of hand-crafted prints created in Bristol by me, Ruth Wellman.
Inspired by my love of nature I have been drawing animals both real and imagined for as long as I can remember. More recently I have been having fun messing around with ink to create original screen prints at Spike Island.
To date, by coincidence, they have mainly featured birds, but the odd cat and rhinoceros have snuck in there too. After a visit to see No Fit State Circus (highly recommended!), I felt compelled to draw a number of weird and wonderful bicycles… and then thought it would be fun to see them used by a motley assortment of woodland creatures.
I enjoy combining photography and illustration in my prints and the slightly surreal feeling they conjure.
If you look closely, the label in my other hat says ‘freelance graphic designer’, which I've been wearing for longer than I care to admit!
Meet the flock...
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