Evolution of an Oak Tree...

I have created a couple of circular illustrations for Compassionate Dorset in the past, featuring farm and wild animals, which they sell as t-shirts and prints. Having seen them on Etsy, Julian emailed me from Ohio to ask if I could do something similar for him, demonstrating the eco-system of the White Oak: he had built a treehouse in the USA and was keen to show how trees and in particular the Oak is a keystone species.

Well I love drawing animals so this was a perfect commission for me! We drew up a list all the species to be included - it was a lot more involved than my Born to Roam illustration but after lot of time and research the animals finally all turned up and took residence. And I think they're all quite happy - it's certainly a busy place - it's amazing how many species do make use of the white oak tree in some way.
I have just sent of the final piece and am looking forward to seeing it hanging in the tree house.... and maybe even visiting the tree house some time soon!
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